Apologies to the Dog

Apologies to the Dog
All day I apologize to the dog.
I’m so sorry that dogs don’t rise
to lose themselves in the deep, bitter
pleasure of a morning cup of coffee.
I’m sorry that dogs don’t ride bicycles,
so that together we could slip through the air
with the birds, over rivers,
into the high mountains.
I’m so sorry, I tell the dog,
that chocolate is dog poison.
That you can not take this dark
bit of uplift into your mouth and let
it melt slowly from your heat.
I’m so sorry, I say,  that you cannot follow
your heart down the road to visit
a friend or explore the school yard
in search of love.
You are not human and I am sorry.
Sorry that your joy depends on anyone who will throw
the ball. That your dreams are about running
free and pleasure is a bowl of the same food
day after day after day.
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