August 2, 2013

Beauty is white. Beauty is black. Beauty is essence; pure, unadulterated, smooth. Beauty is worn; tired, used, tried and failed and tried over again, full of stories of woe and elation.  Beauty is a line that flows confident in its journey. Beauty is a line that wanders discovering imagery in its making. Beauty is a swan revealing all that he is in the first light of day.  “Beauty is you my love,” he whispers.  “Come and create a new marvelous with me.”

Artwork by Shannon Troxler

Artwork by Shannon Troxler

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  1. it is wise to revisit and contemplate the concept of beauty a word and idea that has gained a reputation as being “trite” and “overused” in our society especially in reference to art. As an artist I constantly struggle with this, in the end I am moved and respond to what I find beautiful in the natural world, wether that is a swan stretching it’s wings, or the curve of a woman’s hip bone gilded by light. I like to think, and dearly hope, that beauty is still relevant and needed in our troubled world. So much of contemporary art expresses the anxiety, anger and ugliness which is a constant undercurrent of our society, and I respect that. But I believe there is a need, perhaps more then ever, for the pursuit of beauty in all it’s nuance and depth and truth.

  2. Who is the God who determines truth and beauty? It doesn’t seem to exist. Maybe that is why art is so varied and at times incomprehensible


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