July 2, 2013

Sun up to sundown, from within a thick shroud of tree leaves, an anxious bird emits a persistent, “cheep-cheep-cheep.” All day he reminds us of his worries. “I really must eat better, less worms and more veggies. Why can’t I lose this belly fat?  I should fly more, sit less, yet conserve  energy, produce less waste, meditate daily, clean my nest, add sticks, complain less, be more mindful, compassionate, judge less, be open to positive earth energy, use less water, less energy, shun fossil fuels, save the world, raise mindful children, keep things in perspective, be kind, friendly, outgoing, smile, reflect more, give more, listen more, cheep less.”

Artwork by Abby Paffrath

Artwork by Abby Paffrath

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