Waiting for Inspiration

May 19, 2013

Birds never do. They just wake up as the sun rises and begin. They never have or ever will concern themselves with symbols. They know nothing of circles or squares, or how those shapes become geometry or a Cubist painting, or how combinations of squiggles, dots and lines become music, or poetry. In their world there is no reason for reason or culture. That’s not to say they don’t create or wonder, nurture or love. But nevertheless, it’s sad to never have longed for that concentration of feeling from which an idea blossoms, if even for a moment.

Peacock dance (original Batik)

Batik painting by Abby Paffrath


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  1. Lisa

     /  May 21, 2013

    I agree about missing the wonder of inspiration, but they do get to fly. It could amount to an even trade off.


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